DeSesa Landscaping LLC only provides maintenance services for our Weekly Maintenance clients.

Weekly Maintenance

Maintaining your property so you don't have to!
Providing quality, precise and hassle-free services, we guarantee you an experience that is sure to please.

 To keep your lawn looking green and healthy, it's important to mow your grass on a regular schedule. Our weekly maintenance services include mowing, line trimming, edging and debris removal from your driveways, walks, decks and patios.
Our commitment to quality doesn't stop with just mowing your property - we make sure that the equipment we use on your property is maintained on a regular basis.

Weekly Maintenance is a 6 month, flat rate plan that begins May 1st and ends October 31st. Clients are required to have a card saved on file for automatic monthly payments.

Additional services performed such as clean ups, pruning, mulching etc. will be billed accordingly.

*We Do NOT offer Bi-Weekly Mowing*
Mulch Installation

Mulching is a simple service that can cause big benefits to your growing season. As you're waiting for your Spring seeds to sprout, we refresh the beds with weeding, edging and a layer of new mulch to create a welcoming habitat for your new plantings.
There are many benefits to include our mulching services to your maintenance plan.
Mulch doesn't only increase the curb-appeal of your property, it suffocates weeds and by blocking the light the mulch retains moisture in your soil which helps minimize watering and improves soil health.


Trimming & Pruning

Hedges & Shrubs can be one of the most high-maintenance parts of a garden and can reflect the amount of pride that is provided on your property. When properly trimmed and maintained they can significantly increase the curb appeal of your home or business. We use the proper equipment to the give you the best aesthetic result.

If you require additional services such as tree trimming or removal, our team can likely handle that too!

Seasonal Clean-Ups

Seasonal Clean-Ups are vitally important to maintaining the health of your residential or commercial landscape.


Spring Clean-Up consists of cleaning up all leaves and debris that your property has collected over the Winter, trimming back any plants that may require it at that time, de-thatching if needed and completed with the first mowing of the season.

Fall Clean Up consists of blowing down the entire property to clean up all leaves and debris, cutting down perennials, completed with a short final mowing before Winter.


Trimming & Pruning can be an added service to Spring and Fall Clean ups.